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Chevrolet Cobalt - Cobalt SS

Standard gauge face colors for the Chevy Cobalt are white, silver and black. The standard lighting colors are neutral, red, light blue, green, and yellow. Standard logos are shown below and can be added for no additional cost. For custom designs call 1-866-943-8641. Prices listed are for the gauge face only - cluster is not included. When ordering a white or silver face without the LED Kit, the daytime color of the numbers and markings will match your lighting color choice. **Note: If ordering a black or carbon fiber design face with the blue lighting color option, the LED upgrade is strongly recommended.

Cobalt Neutral Lighting Cobalt Blue Lighting

Neutral Lighting & Light Blue Lighting Shown.
Upgrade any of our Cobalt Gauge Faces to a Pearl Color Finish or Carbon Fiber Design for an additional $15.00 -click here for options!

Cobalt Gauge Face 120 mph - $89.00 US

Cobalt White Gauge FaceGauge Cluster Not Included

Cobalt C-Style Gauge Face - $89.00 US

Please note that the accent line color will be the same color as the lighting you choose. Gauge Cluster is not included.
Cobalt Black C Style Gauge Face120mph in Black Cobalt 140mph Gauge Face140mph in Silver
Cobalt SS Supercharged 160mph Gauge FaceSS/SC in Silver Cobalt SS Turbocharged Gauge FaceSS/TC in Silver

Cobalt Euro Style Gauge Face - $89.00 US

Cobalt Euro Style Gauge Face120mph - Black Cobalt 140mph Euro Style Gauge Face140mph - Black
Cobalt SS Supercharged Euro Style Gauge Face160mph SS/SC - Black Cobalt SS Turbocharged Euro Style Gauge Face160mph SS/TC - Black

Cobalt B-Style Gauge Face - $89.00 US

Cobalt B-Style Gauge Face120mph - Black Cobalt 120mph B-Style Gauge Face120mph - White
Cobalt 140mph B-Style Gauge Face140mph - Black Cobalt 140mph B-Style Gauge Face140mph - White
Cobalt 160mph B-Style Gauge Face160mph - Black Cobalt 160mph B-Style Gauge Face160mph - White

Cobalt SS Supercharged or SS Turbocharged Radial Style Gauge Face - $109.00 US

Cobalt Radial Style Gauge Face Pearl Red Cobalt Radial Style Gauge Face Silver Cobalt Radial Style Gauge Face Pearl Blue

Cobalt LED Lighting Kit $35.00 USD

Upgrade your lighting with this LED Lighting Kit. Color options are blue, red, green & white. The LED Lighting Upgrade is simple to install but does require some soldering skill. Instructions are included. If you do not know how to solder, any competent electronics repair shop can do it in a few minutes following the instructions included. LED kits can be used with the stock gauge face with the following exceptions, Blue and Red LED kits will work with the 120mph and 140mph stock faces. Red and White LED Kits will work with the 160mph stock gauge face. Other color combinations will not light up correctly due to color tints in the factory gauge face but can be used with a Black Cat Custom gauge face. To achieve lighting as shown, the LED kit is to be installed with a Black Cat Custom gauge face. Gauge face not included! Note: If ordering the LED kit along with our gauge face, the LED Lighting Kit color you choose will replace your lighting color choice for the gauge face. Your gauge face will be made to optimize your LED color choice.
Cobalt LED Lighting Cobalt SS Supercharged Blue LED Lighting Cobalt Red LED Upgrade
* White LED Upgrade with Red logo, Blue & Red LED Upgrade shown.

Here is a picture taken of the Blue LED Kit used with the stock Cobalt gauge face - Blue LED Kit used with Stock Cobalt Gauge Face This picture shows the blue glowing needle effect created by removing the stock red color on needles and repainting them plain white.

Available Logos

For the standard Cobalt, logos will be the same color as the numbers and markings. For the Cobalt SS, the logos will be the same color as the accent line.

SS Supercharged Logo SS Supercharged

SS Turbocharged Logo SS Turbocharged

Cobalt SS Logo Cobalt SS

SS Logo SS

Bowtie Logo Bowtie

Cobalt Logo Cobalt

Chevrolet Logo Chevrolet

GT Logo GT

My Text

My Text is your personal logo up to 10 characters. Below is an example of a My Text option. Text will be this style in the same color as the accent line.

Cobalt Custom My Text Gauge Face

For the Cobalt SS, more color combinations are available, you can mix and match the face color and the accent line color. Please call to order 1-866-943-8641.